Diving into the NFT space is challenging for numerous creators and artists. This is because their backgrounds are different and most of them do not have knowledge about coding. 

In fact, without enough knowledge about web development and blockchain development, creating NFTs is a daunting task. This might restrict creators such as yourselves from launching their own novel NFT collection. 

However, these challenges can be solved in multiple ways. So, if you’re wondering how to create NFT art without coding, you’ve arrived at the right place. We will take you through two ways in which you could go about it. Let’s jump right in.

Solution #1: Hiring a Team

hire a team

The first solution is to hire a team with relevant knowledge and skill sets. This would involve you hiring for roles such as:

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business and Partnerships Lead
  • Professional Advisor

These are some of the most crucial roles which take care of different aspects such as the development of the website, the NFTs, marketing the collection, building a community, managing the finances, and more. 

While this is one way to go about it, it has challenges of its own. As the creator and founder of the NFT collection/project, you’d have to manage the complete team. This would involve translating your vision to them, which would take a considerable amount of time and energy. 

Furthermore, there’s also a chance that information will get lost in translation. Besides these, the time you take for this would be months if not weeks, and you’d have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the same. 

As you can see, this is extremely expensive, time-consuming, and even tedious. But these challenges can be solved with no-code NFT launch platforms such as the CreatorMachine.

Solution #2: Using a No-Code Platform like CreatorMachine

CreatorMachine Logo

No-code platforms are gaining significant prominence in the blockchain and NFT space. This is because they pave the way for creators and artists without any coding knowledge to enter the industry.

With no-code platforms such as the CreatorMachine, you need not perform any coding operations. You only need to provide relevant information and details, and the NFTs will be generated for you. 

In fact, with CreatorMachine, you can also go one step ahead and get yourself a custom mint website, and have a whitelist setup for your NFT collection. Let us quickly take you through how it all works.

How to Create NFTs with CreatorMachine

This process involves merely three simple steps and requires no coding. 

Art Layer Creation

Your artwork usually would have different traits. You need to create a file with each of these traits separately, thus forming your art layers. The idea behind separating these is for the platform to generate different permutations and combinations of artworks. You can choose which ones from these could be part of your collection.


Setting up metadata is essential for the platform to understand what file is at which location. This involves having different folders and files in which your art layers and other necessary data to generate NFTs are stored. 

Art Generation

This is the final step, where you simply need to provide the location of all your art layers to the platform, which will then generate NFTs for you. You would be able to choose from a diverse set of artworks and get the best ones to be part of your collection. 

With these three steps, you’ve successfully created your NFT collection without any coding experience. For you to sell this, you can leverage other services from CreatorMachine.

Advantages of Leveraging CreatorMachine No-Code NFT Creation Platform

As you already see, the most significant benefits of using no-code platforms such as CreatorMachine are:

  • Less time to develop, create, and launch your NFT collection. With CreatorMachine, you can launch your collection in less than 60 minutes.
  • Lesser cost to create and launch the NFTs compared to having your own team. 
  • No coding experience is required. 

While these are the three major ways in which you benefit from using CreatorMachine, you also skip the entire process of managing teams, timelines, complex finances, and more. Overall, the process becomes much simpler and easier to understand and perform.