Why NFT Generators are Becoming Increasingly Popular

We’ve come a long way since the NFT exploded in 2017. Today, people are looking to leverage blockchain assets in numerous ways, wherein it is beneficial for the buyers as well as the sellers. 

The industry has proven to be a place where creators and artists are valued for their work and can earn from it. In fact, their audience is global right from the get-go, since anybody in any corner of the world can admire and purchase their work. 

As a result, more creators are entering the industry in the hopes that they can showcase their talent, express their ideas, and create something that is of value to people. All this is in return for financial and social currency.

However, they face numerous challenges. These include:

  • The necessity to have rich coding knowledge for website and blockchain development. 
  • The ability to spend enormous sums of money to hire a team that can possess the necessary skillsets. 
  • The innate complexity and time-consuming nature of the entire process; right from the conceptualization of NFTs, to the launch of the collection, and sustenance of the community. 

These challenges prevented talented artists from carving their own niche in the industry. As a result, NFT generators were developed. 

NFT generators make the complete process time-efficient, cost-efficient, and simple. They are the platforms that can bridge the gap between traditional creators and the next generation of the internet known as Web3. 

So, if you’re an artist or a creator, looking to create, mint, and launch your own NFT collection, look no further. Here’s a complete list of the top 10 best NFT art generators in 2022. Let me take you through each of them.

Top 10 NFT Generators in 2022

1. CreatorMachine

CreatorMachine Logo



CreatorMachine is a permissionless, self-serve, and no-code NFT generator and launchpad for the Solana blockchain network. The platform enables you to create and mint your collection, by helping you perform all the operations such as art layer creation, metadata setup, and art generation.

It also allows you to leverage robust launch features such as the development of a custom mint website, setting up a whitelist auction, doxxing the team, and more. All this can be possible without you possessing any knowledge of coding. Overall, it’s one of the best NFT generator software out there.


Saves Time
Empowers Creators with a Self-Serve Feature
Easy-to-Use Interface
One-Stop-Shop for NFT Launch


Additional Charges for Doxxing, Setting Up Whitelist, and Other Additional Services


2. OneMint NFT Art Generator


The OneMint NFT Art Generator was previously called just the NFT Art Generator. In fact, the platform became popular with just the common name. The platform has a sleek design and a clean UI. 

Navigating it and understanding how to go about generating the NFT collection is pretty easy. It has a similar but more expensive plan when compared to its competitors such as AppyPie. 

As a creator, you can create up to 100 NFTs for free. However, these would come with the platform’s watermark and the features at your disposal will be limited. To launch a proper NFT collection, you can use the plan of $199 per collection. 

You’ll be able to choose marketplaces, blockchains, and more. As you see the price point is higher than that of CreatorMachine. In fact, for you to access features such as Whitelists, you need a Community Pass, which would cost you about $890. 

However, for this price point, you’ll be able to access diverse features and even tinker with the existing NFTs that have been generated.


Simple UI
Offers Perks to Loyal Users
Dynamic Features and Functionalities


Limited Features for the Free Plan
Expensive Paid Plan
Cost of Being a Part of the Community is High


3. Hotpot.ai


Hotpot.ai is an all-encompassing design studio that lets you explore and create designs for your social media channels, applications, and more. The platform also has an in-built AI which enhances your design ideas. 

The pricing for the platform remains to be a little obscure. The platform has three tiers known as Minor Edits, Karma, and Educators, Redditors, and Influencers. While the first one is free for 30 days, the second one allows you to access the services if you credit Hotpot on using their graphics or add their link to the website. 

The third one is based on providing Hotpot via email applications. Besides these, the platform also has a monthly pass. But the pricing for any of these is unavailable on the official website. 

But besides this, the platform is quite good for NFT-oriented services. These include art generation, AI NFT copywriting, NFT pages, NFT Sharpener, Personalizer, and more. These services leverage AI as well.


Dynamic NFT-Oriented Features
Robust Design Functionalities
Strong Community


Obscure Pricing
Not Beginner-Friendly


4. Appy Pie NFT Generator


AppyPie is another popular NFT art generator. The platform charges no fee for launching 4 projects. However, in this all the features are limited. For instance, the NFTs will have the AppyPie watermark, you’ll have storage of a miserly 50 MB, you won’t have access to a background remover, and more. 

However, for having unlimited features you’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $6 per month. This amounts to about $72 per year. Besides these, there are additional charges for NFT generation, removing background, and more.


Beneficial for Small NFT Projects
Easily Navigable
Good Community Support
24/7 Backend Team Support


Limited Features for Free Plan
Additional Charges for Unlimited Features and Paid Plan


5. Fotor NFT Creator


Fotor NFT Creator is one of the best NFT art generators for beginners. The UI/UX experience is quite familiar to a photo editor and the platform can be used for real photographs, digital art, or a blend of both. 

The visual aesthetics will appeal to the photographers’ community and the platform harps on this aspect quite a bit. When it comes to the features, you’ll find yourself choosing from multivarious options in terms of editing photos, choosing design templates, creating collages, or more. 

All this can be used for your NFT collection, which you can launch via three packages. The $0 or Free package has limited features and is good for you to play around and understand how the platform works. 

The $8.99 per month package provides all features of the free package, and more in terms of fonts, storage, and photo frames. However, this will not update stock photos weekly and you wouldn’t get priority email support. 

The $19.99 per month package gives you access to all the features from the previous package, with a couple features more. Overall, it’s an all-encompassing platform for someone just starting out in the NFT space.


Affordable for Small to Medium Projects
Inclined towards Photographers and Digital Artists


Limited Features for NFT Launch
Less in Touch with the Blockchain Side of the Process


6. NightCafe.Studio


NightCafe.Studio is an enhanced version of Hotpot.ai when it comes to the usage of AI and ML for generating NFT art. With just a few clicks, the platform can also transform written text into a form of art. 

The AI and ML algorithms are pretty strong and hence blend different art and animation styles for you to pick the best NFTs. One of its best features enables you to create up to 5 NFT artworks per day for free. These NFTs will be without the watermark and hence can be used. 

The platform has four packages which are priced at $9.99/month, $19.99/month, $49.99/month, and $79.99/month. However, it has a credit system as well, where you can buy credits for using the services. These credits can be earned, so you do not have to pay repeatedly for the subscriptions, and you can cancel them at any time.


Competitive Pricing
No Watermark on Free or Paid NFTs
Extensive Usage of AI and ML


Not Beginner-Friendly


7. Generate NFT Online

generate nft online

Generate NFT Online is similar to the Fotor NFT art generator but less inclined toward photography. In fact, the platform like its competitor provides three packages, but they are more expensive. 

The free package is a demo that enables you to generate 25 NFTs. However, these can’t be used because they come with watermarks and you can use limited features to create and mint them. 

The $49.99 per month package enables you to create 2 collections and 10,000 NFTs, and the $69.99 per month package lets you create 10,000 NFTs and unlimited collections. Besides these, the two packages differ in the amount of storage they offer. While one offers 50 GB, the other offers 150 GB. 

Despite being expensive, the platform is a better option than Fotor because it is more oriented toward the blockchain and NFT side of the process. It also offers marketing for the collection at a cost, which is valuable to certain users.


Robust Features for Creating, Minting, Generating, and Launching NFTs.
Easy-to-Use Interface.
Strong Community and Customer Support.


Expensive for small to medium size projects.


8. Bueno


Bueno is one of the few NFT art generators which has clear and straightforward tutorials on how to go about using the platform. It teaches you the various steps of NFT creation and launch, and also what kind of smart contracts to use with your NFT collection. 

While the UI for several art generators on this list is sleek and understandable, Bueno’s UI/UX experience stands out from the rest. This is most likely because of how approachable it looks at first glance. The platform also has its own microverse tool for the generators to access and create their NFTs in a 2D space. 

When it comes to the pricing, this would cost you $100 for creating 100 NFTs and $1500 for creating 10,000 NFTs. Besides this, the platform also charges 5% of the primary sales.


Extensive Help and Support Section
Easy-to-Understand UI/UX
Robust Features with a Less Costlier Plan


Supports only Ethereum and Polygon and not chains like Solana and FLOW.
Relatively Costlier compared to other platforms.


9. UniqMyNFT


This platform has got all the right features a professional creator would require to generate their NFT. Right from choosing the rarity levels, to launching the NFT collection across the biggest NFT marketplaces, it has got everything. 

The UI/UX is quite enriching the person can go through the complete process without any hassle whatsoever. However, all this comes at an enormous price. The platform has three packages: $199, $299, and $499, per collection. With these, you can create 1000, 5000, and 10,000 NFTs. 

Besides this, the platform has a limited FAQ section and customer support will most likely respond in a business day. Overall, it is a platform that will get you associations with the biggest networks and marketplaces but will burn a hole in your pocket.


Fast and Simple to Use
Association with Credible Networks and Markets


Limited Number of NFTs Generated


10. Gentify

Gentify is the final NFT art generator on this list. The platform is complicated to use for someone who has just entered the NFT space. Although it has got some valuable features and functionalities, the pricing is pretty complex and difficult to understand. 

While it uses the payment and credits system, like the NightCafe.Studio, it is far more incomprehensible. As a result, it might leave a beginner, confused. 

However, to counter its UI/UX, it has a section called Guide. In this, there are exhaustive explanations of the various concepts around NFTs and their sales. Reading this can help you understand the space quite a bit. However, it would take you some time to be able to do so.


An extensive FAQ and Guide Section
Dynamic Features and Functionalities


Complex UI/UX
Difficult to Understand Pricing


Best NFT Generators – Conclusion

These are the top 10 best NFT Art Generators in 2022. There are a few NFT generators that have their own USPs. 

Best NFT Generator Price-wise

AppyPie Design if you’re looking for a small or medium-sized NFT collection launch. CreatorMachine, if you’re looking for an NFT Collection with thousands of NFTs. 

Best NFT Generator Usability-wise 

CreatorMachine is the best NFT Art Generator if you’re looking for all operations to be fulfilled in a single place. Right from generating the pieces for the NFTs to launching it, auctioning it, marketing the collection across media channels, and more, the self-serve platform does it all. You can get more information about the platform below:

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